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Negotiations with the LA Convention Centre have broken down and, with only 4:20 on the clock, E3 has to be presented entirely from one stage!

The industry’s best presenters are on it, though, and they’re determined to make this year’s E3 the best ever!

Feating... Johnny V, Adam Boyes, Aisha Tyler and Phil Spencer

Stress Rehearsal was made as part of the GiantROM GameJam by Simon Alenius, Adam Marsh, Bradley Pollard and Brian Ó Sioradáin.

The theme for the gamejam was Worst E3 Ever, so we went the route of an Overcooked-esque local co-op game. Since we were collaborating remotely, our choice of multiplayer meant that we wouldn’t be able to playtest our own game.

An Image showing the main level of the game.

I’ve never played it, but it managed to turn out well according to some of the people who did.

Gameplay Footage

Let’s Players Stumpt play it on YouTube.

Download Stress Rehearsal

If you’re one of those weird people who still have friends to play co-op games with, you can download Stress Rehearsal here.

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Requires 2 to 4 players.