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Ugliness Unnoticed – Dialogue Boxes in Final Fantasy VII

In which the author explores what kinds of ‘poor craftsmanship’ can be gotten away with when developing dialogue boxes.

Recently when I was making a dialogue box system for The Book of Invasions, I decided I would open the PlayStation-era Final Fantasy games to see how they were done there. Specifically, I wanted to know:

  • Is it okay if a dialogue box obscures a character?
  • Does it need to be near the character who is speaking?
  • How big can I make them?

In the end, I discovered that the answer to each question (and some unasked questions) was: nothing matters very much.

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The Unresolved End Credits

At the end of Final Fantasy VII, after the credits and FMVs, there is a screen with lots of slowly animated stars. As this loops continuously, the main theme plays in the background.

When I saw this after my recent play-through, I figured it might shortly cut to another scene. When a short wait yielded nothing, I figured I was meant to press something. When this did nothing, I admit to feeling a pang of uneasiness.

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