Some time ago, my friends and I got together for some drinks before a gig. The host had a game of trivial pursuit lying around, and none of us having ever played it, decided we’d give it a go.

The Problem

It was surprisingly fun, but there was a recurring theme throughout the game that put a dampener on the game. Consider the difference between the following two questions:

  1. For which London club did David Seaman begin his professional football career?
  2. What is the name of the stick used in hurling?

If you want to play a trivia game in Ireland, this is what what you’ll have to live with. The game assumes you have an understanding of the local intricacies of British life, and only a general understanding of Ireland.

The Answer

So the next time this group met up, we played Trivial Pursuit again, – same board, same pieces. But when the game wanted us to refer to it’s deck of question cards, we used The 6 Wisdoms instead.

You can use the app in either Irish or English.

The 6 Wisdoms is effectively a substitute deck for the one shipped with Trivial Pursuit. Everything about the game is exactly the same, except instead of using the deck to get a colour-coded question, you use the app to get a colour-coded question.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be used with just Trivial Pursuit. It can be used to generate trivia questions for anything.

Development Status

As of March 2020: The game should be ready for release sometime in April.