At the end of Final Fantasy VII, after the credits and FMVs, there is a screen with lots of slowly animated stars. As this loops continuously, the main theme plays in the background.

When I saw this after my recent play-through, I figured it might shortly cut to another scene. When a short wait yielded nothing, I figured I was meant to press something. When this did nothing, I admit to feeling a pang of uneasiness.

I like to be confronted with confirmation that a big thing has ended. To my mind, a link back to the title screen would be a good sign that everything is resolved. Here it begins; here it ends.

Instead, I have to turn it off in the midst of the main theme, and potentially miss out on some hidden scene. Ultimately, I should be satisfied and contemplating the game’s ending, but my body is still anticipating that there’s something else coming.

For clarity’s sake

I am vastly overstating the importance of this issue. All the same, I felt it was worth exploring and articulating the reason it struck me the way it did.